Issue 1 - An t-Earrach/ Spring 2011

We are pleased to announce the launch of Spàirn, a new publication for republican and socialist politics in Scotland.

Our aim is to be an open forum, working towards unity amongst our presently divided forces and the advancement of the ANTI-IMPERIALIST struggle in Scotland.

It may seem strange that we publish this paper in the week prior to the Holyrood elections with virtually no mention made of them.

Let us simply explain that most of the contributions gathered here were ready some weeks, if not months, ago but due to unforseen circumstances we were unable to publish before now.

However elections to British parliaments are not the immediate priority  of this paper. We publish now as a prelude to the discussions we feel must take place in the aftermath of these elections for the advancement of the struggle of the working class in Scotland towards SOCIALISM and the SCOTTISH REPUBLIC. 

As such we re-iterate our appeal here for contributions from all interested parties.

spàirn (A' Ghàidhlig: struggle)


An Appeal for Republican Unity
Spairn: Deasachaidh (Editorial)

The Scottish Struggle for Independence and the Broad Front
Peter Urban

Two Weddings and... a Republican Funeral for the UK
Alan Armstrong

The Scottish Republican Socialist Clubs
Donald Anderson

British Crown Forces Day - Edinburgh 2011
Sean Mac Mìcheal

Building Unity for a Scottish Socialist Republican Scotland
Maggie Chetty

English republican socialism
Steve Freeman

Other News
Glasgow Defence Campaign
Charter for an Independent Scotland
John Brady Society

Book Launch - From Davitt to Connolly

Rebel Song Corner