Charter for an Independent Scotland

1. Sovereignty will rest with the people who will have absolute right of recall.
2. Universal right to vote for all citizens with the responsibility to defend and develop the Scottish Nation.
3. The right of free assembly and association with no discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, age, ethnic or national origin or sexual orientation.
4. The right to work linked to a living wage and the right to organise free and unfettered trade unions.
5. The right to free education, health and social care.
6. Full international commitment to human rights, peace, non-aggression and solidarity with people across the world. No accommodation or transportation of nuclear weapons on Scottish soil. Full support of the United Nations.
7. The development of the common ownership of all Scottish land and sea resources with the enhancement of the environment
through renewable energy innovation and the removal of nuclear power plans and their waste products.
8. Full support for public sector services with industry and commerce to serve the peoples of Scotland.
9. Freedom of information and full transparency of all government.
10. The teaching of Scottish history, culture and language in schools, colleges and university.

Launched by Communist Party of Scotland/Alert Scotland at March event in Stirling.

Also note there will be a Post election discussion
Sunday 15 May, 1.30pm
At Premier Inn, Argyle Street, Glasgow.


Glasgow Defence Campaign    

Glasgow Defence Campaign has been formed in order to defend democratic rights and oppose the criminalisation of political protest. We stand against political policing and call for the maximum unity of all in order to defend all those harassed, targeted, imprisoned and beaten at the hands of the police and judicial system.

The Glasgow Defence Campaign emerged out of the Govanhill Defence Campaign which was formed by supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! following an intensified period of police harassment in the summer of 2010.

Over the autumn and winter as the attacks on living standards increased protests marches and demonstrations increased throughout the country. In Glasgow hundreds marched on 9 December and again on 29 January, in opposition to the cuts and in defence of public services. The police response has been to engage in paramilitary style policing, including the targeting and arrest of supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! the Scottish Socialist Party and other activists. The Glasgow Defence Campaign will fight to highlight their cases and the cases of all those on the receiving end of state repression.

We invite support from individuals, organisations and campaign groups.

If you face any form of police harassment or violence, please log as many details as you can and send to glasgowdefence@yahoo.co.uk.


John Brady Society

Scottish Support For Political Prisoners will be changing our name. We are doing this as much confusion has arisen from our current name as people are confused as to who are the political prisoners we are actually supporting. 

Since the formation of the group the members we have managed to amass have been Irish republicans. As this is the case we are going to focus completely on Irish Republican POWs, but still we send our solidarity greetings to the Basque and Palestinian POWs. 

The name we have chosen for the group is the John Brady Society Scotland after receiving permission from the Brady family. The reason we have chosen this name is that John Brady was a lifelong dedicated Republican and is a great role model for young Republicans and was greatly respected by the Nationalist community.

John spent 18 years of his life incarcerated for his belief that the British had no right in Ireland, and sadly Died while in custody in Strand Road, at the age of 40.

We hope to continue the good work we have been doing with highlighting the POWs and raising money for each one regardless of the group they belong to or if they are independent. 

The John Brady Society is an independent Organisation which gives no allegiance or favour to any political organisation. Individual members may favour or indeed be involved with political organisations but the John Brady Society will remain independent.

John Brady Society Scotland